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Dave Engineering Design Works, a trusted and viable engineering firm

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New Technology Galore: The Proof Is In The Pudding

Dave Engineering Design Works offers cutting-edge, new technology in many areas- ensuring your products will shine in the marketplace. Below are some examples of our expertise.

Quick Start Kits

Quick Start Kits

We offer full hardware quick-start kits that help get your product off the ground in as little time as possible with proven hardware and software.
iphone bluetooth app

Android and iOS Integration

We can integrate many of our Modulo Controls systems or other technologies for control via Android or iOS devices. 
Motor Control

Motor Control

We can develop motor control solutions for all major motor topologies with many different control techniques for motors up to 3kW.

Microsoft .NET

Our team has experience creating GUIs and HMIs with the Microsoft .NET library, and can create any GUI you may need. 
Modulo Controls

Modular Technology

Our Modulo Controls system offers you plug and play changes to your projects with a proven system offering many features. 

Cloud Connectivity

We have extensive knowledge of cloud technology to allow you to view the status of and control embedded technologies from the web. 

Those Are Just A Few Main Technologies, There Are Plenty More