Engineering ADHD with BLE?

If you are an OEM or product designer you know that in any given design there can be hundreds of critical engineering decisions that need to be made. For example, I want to add wireless to my product and have a smart phone interface.
How do I add wireless connectivity?
What are […]

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We can help with Obsolescence issues!

Call Dave Engineering Design Works (DEDW) today at (314) 736-4224 if you have any of these older micro controllers, memory, or ICs and would like help upgrading your hardware AND software to a newer, lower cost solution that is readily available in distribution channels. We can help design circuit boards to upgrade your micro-controller.

NXP […]

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Dave’s (new) Desk

Thanks for visiting Dave’s Desk. This is my first Blog Post …ever. I will be discussing many circuit board and the business of electronics related topics here.
Thanks- Dave

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